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Campaign Series

Monthly Highlight Reels

Quarterly Interviews


Integrated Brand Storytelling Series


  • 10x photos Headshots / Products
  • 3x shoot from Talking heads
  • 2x B-Roll / Highlights Reels
  • 1 shoot every month
  • 5 videos delivered Monthly


  • Consistent monthly engagement through informative talking heads.
  • High-quality B-roll reels to showcase your brand's essence periodically.
  • Regularly updated content, keeping your audience engaged and informed.


  • 15x photos Headshots / Products
  • 3 connected themes, Each theme consists of 2 connected videos (Short Film Talking Heads, B-Roll/Highlight Reel, Highlight explanation).
  • 1 shoot every month
  • 6 videos delivered monthly
  • Pre production / Scriptwriting


  • Engage clients through themed storytelling for a prolonged period.
  • Customized content creation focusing on specific themes, enhancing brand consistency.
  • Quality content delivered regularly that aligns with a strategic storytelling approach


  • 20 Brand Storytelling Episodes: These are 3-5 minute videos released bi-monthly over a year, focusing on the brand's values, history, or customer experiences.
  • 5 Product Showcase Videos: 1-2 minute videos released quarterly, highlighting the features, benefits, and unique selling points of specific products/services.
  • Quarterly B-Roll Footage Sessions: These are scheduled every three months to capture diverse visual content supporting the storytelling and product showcases, focusing on varied themes related to brand narratives and product highlights.
  • Customized Editing and Animation: Professional editing, animations, and graphics are included to enhance the storytelling and product showcase videos.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions: Collaborative meetings to discuss content themes, storylines, and video strategies aligned with the brand's objectives.
  • Monthly Deliverables: A total of 2 videos per month, including 1 Brand Storytelling Episode and 1 Product Showcase Video on alternate months.


  • Engaging Brand Storytelling: Emotional stories that resonate with the audience.
  • Product Focus: Videos specifically highlighting product features and benefits.
  • Consistent Visual Content: Regular B-roll sessions for a diverse range of visuals.
  • Tailored Strategy Sessions: Monthly meetings to align content with the brand's narrative and marketing goals.